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Senior Care customers want convenience, if they can’t find you, they cannot select you.


Online marketing is lightening fast, you have  seconds to get visitor’s attention. Capture these moments with a comprehensive business profile on CareList365.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits for Business Profile on CareList365.com?

There are many benefits associated with adding/claiming your business profile in Carelist365.com. Here are some of the benefits:
  • Exposure
Exposure is important for all business marketing strategies. After all, the more people who are exposed to your business the more people are likely to utilize your business’ services. If online visitors aren’t able to see your website or even know that it exists, then they probably aren’t going to purchase your products or services. Listing your business’ website in Carelist365.com helps your website to gain exposure. Thousands of Seniors search for Senior Care on Carelist365.com every day. These are people who are actively searching for Senior Care that are directly related to your services. They are already looking- all you have to do is make it easy for them to find you. A business profile on Carelist365.com will expose your business to more Seniors with intent to buy.
  • Increased Traffic
There are several ways that Carelist365.com can help you increase the amount of traffic your website receives. For starters, the more exposure your website has the more people are likely to visit it. But Carelist365.com offer more than just exposure from potential clients. They also offer exposure to the various major search engines crawlers like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Slurp Bot, DuckDuckBot and Yandex. This increases the chances that your website will appear on major search engine results pages, or SERPs, which will allow more people to see the website when they perform a regular search. Both search engine optimization exposure and exposure to more people who are searching for your website could result in increased traffic to your small business’ website.
  • Increased Revenue
When Seniors visit Carelist365.com they have already expressed intent that they are in the market to buy Senior Care services. When more people are able to find your business on Carelist365.com it increases the chances that they will either contact you directly (Phone/Map Direction) or visit your website. When people visit your website they are more likely to purchase your services. This means that Carelist365.com can help you increase your revenue stream. A business profile on Carelist365.com is good for your bottom line.
  • Organic Leads/ Contact
Carelist365.com provides a way for our website visitors to contact the Senior Care providers of their choice directly by submitting a form with their contact info, you will receive that info in real time on your selected email address. Why pay from those expensive leads from other referral companies.
  • Cheap Advertising
As a small business owner you already understand the importance of advertising. You know that it helps customers to find your business and recognize your name and brand. You probably have little room in your budget for more advertising right this moment. That is one of the major benefits of listing your business’ website in Carelist365.com. Our business profile is inexpensive compared to referral leads from referral companies and it also help grow your online presence organically.

Is your website secure?

Yes! We use industry standard (256-bit SSL) or higher encryption for communications between your computer and our website. This is the same strength as cash machines (ATMs) and the best retail stores.

Who processes my payment?

Our primary processing system for credit cards is provided by Stripe. We also offer PayPal as a payment option.

Can I Cancel the Service?

Yes, there is no contract, you can cancel anytime.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

We also accept PayPal payments.

Where can I find a discount code?

We sometimes provide coupons via email. You can send us your email address we will send you a discount code.

How long it will take to publish business profile?

If payment has been processed then our team publishes profile withing 24-48 hours.